Welcome to our Beta Site!

Thanks for stopping by! Our site is still a work in progress, so pardon our dust.  We hope you enjoy watching our online presence change, evolve and grow!

If you have any questions, please feel free to drop us a line!

How to Order

Purchasing Koi

We are currently undergoing some changes, so direct purchase from the website is currently unavailable.  You may purchase the Koi viewed through one of three ways:

Option 1: 

Add the Koi to your inquiry list, then click on the tab labeled “Inquiry List” above to view all the Koi you are interested in purchasing.  From this page, you can send us an e-mail regarding this purchase and we can answer any questions you may have about the Koi.  If you are certain about your purchase and have no additional questions, you may simply request an invoice and we can e-mail you an invoice or call you to process the payment.

Option 2:

Give us a call directly! We can answer all your questions over the phone and process the order right away.

Option 3:

Alternatively, you may also simply email Devin at: devin@koiacres.com or use our contact form to get in touch.

Shipping Options

We have two shipping options available:
UPS Next Day Air
Airport Pickup (Collect)

For Koi 2 years old and older, we highly recommend shipping via Airport pickup for the safety of your Koi.

We also ship door-to-door via UPS Next Day Air.  We charge a flat rate of $ 40 per box shipped for Tosai (1 year old Koi).  This means you can save on shipping when you order more Koi!

For Koi that measure between 13 – 18 cm in length, we can fit up to 9 Koi in one box.

For Koi that measure between 19 – 30 cm in length, we can fit up to 3 Koi in one box.

Live Arrival Promise

Our facility upholds the highest standards of Koi health and safety practices – we will never ship a Koi that is unhealthy or unfit to ship.  However, should you find that your Koi has not survived the journey to your home, we will give you store credit in the full amount paid for the Koi – including shipping! Simply take a photo of the deceased Koi in the box/bag upon arrival and contact us as soon as possible.